RIP Lil Holdem – Chad Batista


In the early 2000’s Chad was introduced to online poker and instantly he was hooked.

He built his bankroll entering free tournaments that awarded cash, he never deposited a single dollar into his account.

Within 10 months his bankroll had grown to over a million. As his bankroll grew, as did his popularity. Thousands would watch him play online to see what he was going to do, or say, next.
With the increase in popularity and growing competition, Chad worked sleeplessly to stay ahead of the curve.

He was ranked the #1 tournament player in the world on many occasions on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars simultaneously. Over his 15 year career Chad had amassed over 6 million dollars playing online poker, and another million playing live.
Chad was a loving son and grandson, an incredible brother, an amazing friend, and a legendary poker player. He will be missed.