Israel Tour Poker Cup 4 is won by Israeli Amir Hillel


Poker player Amir Hillel risks all his chips with little equity and made the impossible and overthrow the game last night, winning the trophy Israel Poker Tour Main Event.
Amir Hillel played very balanced and thoughtful, quiet and decent, recognized and successfully speculated opponent trends, applying them to all appropriate strategies.

At one point in game 4, almost become a matter of time to be photographed with the trophy, the only opponent who could handle being the last novel remained in the game, Sorin Drajneanu, who had a competitive stack but play outside against the Israeli position.

The end results:

  1. Amir Hillel (Israel) – 51,850 EUR
  2. Sorin Drăjneanu (Romania) – 40,850 EUR
  3. Aviran Atias (Israel) – 33,900 EUR
  4. Avi Ayalon (Israel) – 19,440 EUR
  5. Yaakov Alkobi (Israel) – 13,370 EUR
  6. Moshe Eliyahu (Israel) – 8,910 EUR
  7. Eduard Norel (Romania) – 6,680 EUR
  8. Gusti Sas (Romania) – 5,340 EUR
  9. Atanas Kodinov (Bulgaria) – 4,450 EUR

PokerFest next event will take place at Hotel Unirea Iasi, between the 20th -26th September. Stay with us for details regarding the possibilities qualifying time, live and online.

Well done everyone!