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Narcis Nedelcu “Narcisus90” wins Pokerfest Bucharest Main Event!


Narcis Nedelcu, known in the online environment for his extraordinary performance at Pokerstars, managed to win last night Main Event Pokerfest Bucharest. With a buying of €530 he brought home the first prize and an amazing €23,600. Well done Narcis!
Here is the final table :
Place Name Prize
1. Narcis Nedelcu 23,600 €
2. Ovidiu Apostolescu 19,500 €
3. Cosmin Cimpeanu
4. Nandor Solyom
5. Ezat Aysami
6. Bogdan Samson
7. Or Amitai
8. Andrei G.Vasile
9. Marin Farcas